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vpn filter malware protection, PC Handyman provides remote support starting at $99.00

VPN filter malware: What you need to know

For the past month, the news, while muddled by the Washington crisis du jour, has been abuzz over the latest attack on our computer systems. VPN filter, unlike most other malware problems we encounter, targets your router, in three stages. Stage 1 is the initial infection, From the research, it looks as though metadata embedded …

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PC Handyman offers remote support for PC and Mac computers. We are located at 2000 Lee Road Suite 119 Cleveland Heights Ohio 44118

Why Remote Support is Important

Navigating today’s electronics can be a real challenge. Users juggle the rules created by developers for their software with the real-life needs of the hardware that houses it. What’s more, solvable issues tend to be limited to basic things like installation, setting changes, applications, and simple hardware cleaning. Our smartphones and personal computers are designed …

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