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PC Handyman is Cleveland’s premier provider of computer repair, maintenance, and IT support solutions for home or office

What we do

Tech Support IRL:

You may have found your way here searching for something like "computer repair near me." Even if you didn't, imagine this: you are sitting at your computer, surfing the web, and everything is going fine. Up comes, a link that says something like, "Remember Nipsy Russell? You should see what he looks like now."
You figure, why not? And you click the link to see what Nipsy has been up to. And BLAM! Your computer is going nuts, flashing red lights and giving off an air raid blast. You can do one of two things: 1. Duck and cover under your desk, or 2. Contact PC Handyman-Cleveland.

Make an appointment 

We can help you get back to normal with extensive computer repair services.

Depending on your problem, we can come to your home, you can come to us, or we can help solve your problems from our office on Larchmere Boulevard.

Whichever way works best for you, PC Handyman is here to help.

Computer Repair Services

Your computer has become one of the most important things you possess.

When it goes down, it can cut people off from their social lives, or cut you off from doing schoolwork or business.

Call or text us at 2162439662 and we will give professional help and advice. We offer a free computer repair estimate

PC Handyman Offers Remote Tech Support

COVID has taught us how important it is to have tech in good working order.

It has also shown just how much can be resolved remotely without the computer repair shop coming into your home or office.

At PC Handyman, we offer discount pricing for remote computer support compared to our onsite rates. We also offer remote support plans that include reduced onsite rates.

Schedule a tune up at fixed pricing today!

Specializing in Helping Seniors with Tech

Managed Support

Do you find yourself frustrated with computer issues but unwilling to ask the kids for help. You don't want to be a burden right? Advocate for yourself with a Managed Support Contract with PC Handyman.

Do you have a loved one who you've tried to help from long distance? Our services make great gifts. Click here to find out more.

Office Appointments

PC Handyman's office hours are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY:

Mon Wed Fri: 10 am - 1230 pm and 4 pm to 630 pm

Tues Thurs Sat 10 am - 630 pm


House Calls

The advent of remote support has made it possible to help more people in a day than house calls. Digitallly, we can be in more than one space at a time. While most work can be accomplished remotely, sometimes you prefer someone in your home. We do provide in home support at $125 / hr. 


Remote Support

By far the most affordable way to get support from PC Handyman. 

Some problems, like the printer is offline, can be remedied in minutes. Instead of paying a technician for an hour's work, reach out to us and we can solve your problems at $2 per minute (no minimums.)


why we do it

It's what we do

Everyone has something they can pour their mind and attention into. Some people love knitting. We love technology. We enjoy the challenges of effective diagnosis and clear, reasonable solutions. If you're at your wit's end, give us a try, ask a question, we are here to help.

We want to be your tech support

We also offer computer services to small businesses and non profits with 25 or fewer employees. We offer reasonable pricing and office hours availability to keep your systems up to date, to advise on cloud solutions, and troubleshoot every day office problems.


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Find us here: 12702 Larchmere Boulevard
2nd Floor

Phone: 216-243-9662