Computer Repair Near Me – Clearing the Print Queue


computer repair near me

“Computer repair near me” is not always relegated to taking things apart and replacing malfunctioning parts. Most of the time, the work is software based. Many times this week, we have helped clients deals with printer problems.

Have you ever settled down to print a document or the latest Plain Dealer? You click print and… nothing. That is not acceptable so print is pressed more and more. Now you have a print queue that is bogged down and your crossword is still impossible to play on a computer screen. Learning to clear the print queue will make you the computer repair specialist near you.

If you have a long list of hung or corrupt print jobs in Microsoft Windows 10, 8, or 7, you can clear the print queue easily by using either of these computer repair methods. Command Method You can clear the print queue using commands like this. Click Start . Type Command […]



computer repair near me

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