What’s good for you hurts: True for life even more for tech

in our work, we come across people, sometimes older, who get so frustrated with their tech that they give up the ghost; they defer to their younger family members.

We believe that baby boomers are too hard on themselves. Clicking the wrong thing is not going to break the machine. I know on some level they know this, but every mistake, to them, is another little failure that if accumulated feels like a reflection of life, liberty, and the pursuit to retweet.

While I have sympathy, I actually don’t at all. Baby boomers are our biggest demographic and while they own a lot of tech, they are not comfortable to say the least. But, it’s the hard stuff that makes us strongest. That moment of discomfort; be it at the gym, or in front of your iPhone, are the moments that define us and extend our lives. To quote Wanda Morris,

“Lots of scientific studies, Barrett has found, show that when people engage in any kind of task that requires effort, such as solving a hard problem or remembering names of people they have just met, they experience an “unpleasant feeling.” Normally what people do, especially as they get older, is “divest themselves” of activities that make them feel that way. They stop doing the hard stuff. But “feeling bad is good for you.”

In short, don’t give up on the things that make us smarter, and stronger. Stop telling yourself you can’t do something because you didn’t grow up doing it. You can’t break it, and the mere act of learning how to use your tech will make you smarter and help you live longer.

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