Google Chrome 91 launched with brand-new functions, security enhancements



Google has actually launched Chrome 91 today, May 25th, 2021, to the Stable desktop channel, and it consists of security enhancements, the capability to copy and paste files

into websites, and brand-new designer functions. Chrome 91 repairs 32 security vulnerabilities, with 8 being marked as’High ‘intensity. Today, Google promoted Chrome 91 to the Stable channel, Chrome 92 as the brand-new Beta variation, and Chrome 93 will be the Canary variation

. Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop users can update to Chrome 91 by going to Settings -> > Help-> > About Google Chrome. The internet browser will then instantly look for the brand-new upgrade and install it when readily available.

Clipboard: read-only files support

This Google Chrome brings a really beneficial function for webmail users as they can now copy and paste a file into an e-mail message to have it immediately be connected.

“Chrome supports files by means of DataTransfer for drag and drop, however not for clipboard,” describes Google’s status page for this function.

“It works for users to be able to utilize clipboard keyboard faster ways such as Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V for a job such as connecting a file to an e-mail instead of just drag and drop.”

Continued NAT Slipstreaming defense

Chrome 91 consists of extra defense from NAT Slipstreaming attacks by obstructing port 10080, which Firefox has actually currently obstructed given that November 2020.

NAT Slipstreaming attacks abuse a router’s Application Level Gateway (ALG) function to access to any port on an internal network, possibly permitting hazard stars to get to services that are usually protected by the router.

When figuring out if the port must be obstructed, designers discovered that Amanda backup software application and VMWare vCenter use the port however would not be impacted by the block.

Other designer modifications in Chrome 91

This release brings various brand-new APIs, trials, and modifications to Google Chrome. Listed below we have actually noted the primary designer modifications:

  • GravitySensor API
  • CSS custom-made counter designs
  • JSON Modules
  • WebOTP API: cross-origin iframe assistance
  • WebSockets over HTTP/2
  • WebTransport

For more information, make sure to take a look at the Chrome 91 status page.



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