How to set phone reminders for IOS and Android

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In today’s fast-paced world, we have much to keep track of, but luckily, our smartphones can assist. In addition to functioning as a camera, music player, and communication device, our phones can also serve as personal assistants and task lists, reminding us of what needs to be accomplished. With more advanced features than traditional methods like a notebook or Post-it notes, our smartphones provide a sophisticated solution to managing our responsibilities.



How to set phone reminders for Android and IOS
According to David Nield, Google can remind you about any task or event, regardless of the time or place. If you use a stock Android phone, you can access Google Assistant by tapping inside the search box and typing “set a reminder” or by saying “OK Google” out loud and making your request. Once Google recognizes that you want to set up a reminder, it will prompt you to add a time or location to the note.
You can customize the reminder to occur at a specific time or during a particular part of the day. You can even set a location-based reminder that will notify you when you enter a specific area. This feature can remind you about tasks such as grocery shopping when you enter a store. Additionally, reminders can be set to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Overall, Google’s reminder feature provides a convenient and practical way to stay organized and on top of your tasks.

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How to Set Phone Reminders for Android

According to David Nield, if you use a stock Android phone, you can access Google Assistant. You can type “set a reminder” in the Google search box or by speaking your request aloud. Google will then ask if you want to add a time or location to the remainder.

If you choose a location, your phone can remind you when you arrive at that particular place. You can also set the reminder to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Google’s reminder feature is superior to paper reminders since it can be location-specific.

In addition to Google Assistant, Android gives you another alternative: the Google Keep app (also available on iOS). Open the app menu, tap Reminders, then create a new note with a reminder attached. Again, you can tag a time or a place to your reminder and set up a repeating event. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t yet worked out how to sync reminders across its various apps so that these reminders will remain separate.

How to set reminders on iOS

How to set phone reminders for Android and IOS


David Nield explains that Siri is compatible with the iOS Reminders app. Android and iOS digital assistants have a similar method of setting up reminders. To activate Siri, hold down the Home button on your iPhone and say, “Set a reminder.” Siri will then prompt you to provide the task you want to be reminded of and save it.

If you use the “set a reminder” command, you won’t be able to link a time or location to it. However, you can add these details to the reminder by specifying them in the initial command. For instance, if you say, “Remind me to wash the car tomorrow at 2 PM” or “Remind me to buy flowers when I get home,” Siri will understand and give you a chance to check and delete the reminder if necessary.

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To create reminders on Siri, one can use the native Reminders app on iOS. If you don’t prefer using voice commands, the app can be accessed manually to type in the reminders. Tapping the plus button at the bottom left corner can create a new reminder.

Along with assigning a reminder to a specific time or place, it is also possible to give it a priority level for easy sorting. Additionally, reminders can be set to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Unlike Google, Apple has integrated everything into the Reminders app, which can be synced across iCloud and macOS, resulting in a cleaner solution. Both operating systems offer similar features, including reminders with time or location tags and the option to set regular reminders.

Third-party reminder apps

If you’re not satisfied with the pre-installed reminder options on your Android or iOS device, plenty of third-party apps are available. While it’s impossible to cover all of them, we’ve listed some of the best ones we’ve come across.

Additionally, you can conduct your research to find the best fit for your needs. One of the most well-known reminder apps is Todoist, available for free on Android and iOS. It offers a wide range of customization options, including timing, priorities, labels, and notifications, and boasts a clean and straightforward interface that enables you to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

Remember The Milk is another popular reminder app for Android and iOS that is not as comprehensive as Todoist but provides valuable features such as time and location tagging, labels, and various reminder delivery options like text, email, mobile alerts, and Twitter. It also integrates smoothly with other apps.

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If you are unsatisfied with the default reminder apps on your Android or iOS device, you have a wide range of third-party options. Although we cannot cover all of them, we will mention some of the best ones we have encountered.

However, you are free to explore and discover your favorites. One of the most polished and widely used apps is Todoist, available for free on Android and iOS platforms. It offers extensive customization options for reminders, including timings, priorities, locations, labels, and notifications.

Its user-friendly and uncluttered interface allows you to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and works seamlessly across various devices. Another popular reminder app is Remember The Milk, compatible with Android and iOS. Although it is not as comprehensive as Todoist, it has several valuable features, such as time and location tagging, labels, and multiple reminder options (text, email, mobile alert, Twitter). Moreover, it integrates smoothly with other apps and services.





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