Spotify gets Podz, a podcast discovery platform

Podcasts are all the rage. However, podcast discovery is an obstacle. Today, Spotify revealed its acquisition of Podz, a start-up attempting to resolve the issue of podcast discovery.

“At Spotify, we are investing in developing and scaling the world’s finest (and many individualized) podcast discovery experience,” the business stated. “We think that Podz’ innovation will match and speed up Spotify’s focused efforts to drive discovery, provide listeners the best material at the correct time, and speed up the development of the classification worldwide.”

Because podcasts are normally up to 30 minutes long, it’s tough for listeners to search brand-new programs– listening to an episode of a podcast isn’t as simple as checking out a tune by a brand-new artist. Podz established “the very first audio newsfeed,” providing users with 60-second clips from numerous programs.

Podcasters frequently utilize apps like Headliner to produce clips to promote on their social networks, and Podz follows the same concept. Rather than podcasters by hand selecting how to promote their program, Podz picks a clip utilizing its device discovering design, which was trained on more than 100,000 hours of audio in assessment with reporters and audio editors.

Podz demo

Image Credits: Podz Before its acquisition by Spotify, Podz raised $2.5 million in a pre-seed financing from M13, Canaan Partners, Charge Ventures, and Humbition. Stars like Katie Couric and Paris Hilton likewise invested.

“Already, the typical podcast listener signs up for 7 podcasts, however, follows nearly 30 on Podz,” M13 General Partner Latif Peracha informed TechCrunch using e-mail in February. “Early signals make us positive the group can develop a transformative item in the classification.”

This acquisition marks yet another indication of Spotify’s aspiration to corner the podcasting market and audio home entertainment in basic– simply the other day, Spotify debuted Greenroom, its live audio Clubhouse competitor.

And when it concerns driving profits from podcast memberships, Spotify and Apple are neck and neck. In April, Apple revealed its growth in podcast memberships, and the following week, Spotify started presenting its membership platform after teasing it in February. Apple stated it will take 30% of podcast profits in the first year, dropping to 15% in the 2nd. On the other hand, Spotify’s program will not take any cut from developers up until 2023, when it will take 5%.

Podcast developers can rapidly figure out that it may be more helpful to give up 5% of their membership incomes than 30%; listeners will likely simply flock to whatever app offers the finest user experience– and if Spotify’s financial investment in discovery pays off, it might present a problem for Apple’s longstanding supremacy in the podcasting medium.



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