June 27

WhyNotWin11 is a much better replacement for Windows 11’s PC Health Check



An open-source application called WhyNotWin11 serves as a much better drop-in replacement for Microsoft’s PC Health Check app to figure out if your hardware works with Windows 11. Today, Microsoft revealed that the next variation of Windows is Windows 11 would be the next variation of Windows which it would be launched as a totally free upgrade this fall. As part of this statement, Microsoft likewise released Windows 11’s minimum hardware requirements required to update or set up

Windows 11. Microsoft launched the PC Health Check app to inspect yourcomputer system’s hardware and inform you if it works with Windows 11.

Microsoft’s very first variation of the PC Health Check app did not inform users what hardware was stopping working tests, leading to even more confusion. For lots of people, the problem was that they did not have actually a needed TPM 2 suitable

security processor made it possible for on their computer system. As an outcome, Microsoft launched an upgraded PC Health Check app that particularly cautioned users that a TPM

2 gadget was missing out on. PC Health Check App reporting a TPM 2 not set up The PC Health Check app is not as helpful when other stopped working tests. The message listed below is quite worthless, and a CPU might still be thought about incompatible even though it fulfills the requirements in terms of CPU cores and speed.

WhyNotWin11 fills out the spaces This absence of details is where a brand-new open-source tool called WhyNotWin11 shines, as it supplies a far higher quantity of information, letting

CPU not compatible with Windows 11

you understand precisely what hardware is incompatible. Rather of simply providing unclear reactions like the PC Health Check tool, WhyNotWin11 will note each requirement and reveal where your computer system’s hardware is doing not have.

WhyNotWin11 displaying hardware results
WhyNotWin11 showing hardware results

As you can see from the outcomes above, WhyNotWin11 provides in-depth details about what specific hardware classification is stopping working so that you can solve it with brand-new hardware or by allowing settings on your motherboard.

This is specifically helpful for CPUs, where PC Health Check states a CPU is not suitable although it satisfies the necessary processor speed and variety of cores.

Microsoft might have marked this as incompatible since it does not have an integrated TPM 2 processor. Users can set up a devoted TPM processor on their motherboard to solve that missing out on piece, hence making all hardware suitable.

Having all of this info at their fingertips permits users to identify for sure what hardware is stopping working so that they can work around it and still set up Windows 11.

It must likewise be kept in mind that despite the fact that your hardware might not be 100% suitable, it is most likely not going to avoid Windows 11 from setting up on your gadget as long as the majority of your hardware works.

The good aspect of WhyNotWin11 is that it is an open-source AutoIt script, so you can see precisely what the program is searching for to run your own tests from the command line.

You can download a precompiled WhyNotWin11 executable from GitHub or construct your executable from the source code.

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