June 28

Windows 11’s brand-new style previewed through images and videos


Windows 11

Later this year or early next, Windows 11 will start presenting to brand-new and existing gadgets with a series of brand-new functions and significant style enhancements

. Windows 11 is technically Windows 10 with rounded corners, a brand-new modern-day style and Fluent icons. Start Menu is likewise does not included conventional live tiles and it will reveal your apps and sites in a grid design, comparable to Windows 10X and ChromeOS.

As it ends up, native Windows apps are likewise getting a significant redesign as part of the brand-new os. The makeover for native apps was highlighted throughout the occasion video and there’s a possibility we may see these brand-new apps in the upcoming sneak peek builds.

Submit Explorer

Submit Explorer, which has actually hardly altered because Windows 8, is getting rounded corners, brand-new icons and a brand-new header that changes the present ribbon toolbar.

File Explorer

As you can see in the above screenshot, the ribbon toolbar/menu at the top of the window is now gone.

The upgraded Explorer now includes a Fluent Design-like header menu with icons and rounded edges, however the fundamental performance of the Explorer stays the same.

Windows Settings

Microsoft is likewise upgrading the native settings app with a revamped appearance that includes rounded corners, Fluent icons, and a brand-new navigation menu on the left side of the window.


Microsoft Photos Microsoft Photos is likewise getting a brand-new style and it appears to be utilizing WinUI-controls. It’s not yet clear if Microsoft is working on any brand-new functions for Photos app.

Photos app

Microsoft Paint and Notepad Like File Explorer, Microsoft’s Paint and Notepad are likewise getting a brand-new header where you can discover the brushes, reverse, search and other alternativesPaint and Notepad

. Office app Microsoft Office apps will be upgraded with the exact same header menu. In the listed below teaser, you can see a make over for the existing PowerPoint app. The total style has actually stayed the same, however you can quickly identify brand-new modifications.


For example, PowerPoint is now utilizing upgraded icons and rounded corners for alternatives within the brand-new header, comparable to other native Windows apps like MS Paint and Notepad.

In addition to these brand-new screenshots, Microsoft has actually likewise submitted a teaser video that provides us a better take a look at upcoming enhancements.



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