July 3

Facebook is checking a Twitter-like ‘threads’ function on some public figures’ pages


Get your spool-of-yarn emojis prepared– threads may be pertaining to Facebook quickly. Facebook has actually been found checking a brand-new function that offers public figures on Facebook the capability to produce a brand-new post that’s linked to a previous one on an associated topic. This function connects the posts together more aesthetically so fans can more quickly follow updates with time. When the brand-new post appears on fans’ News Feeds, it will be revealed as being linked to the other posts in a thread.

Social network specialist Matt Navarra initially identified this function in action, and shared a number of screenshots of how it looks. Grabbed remark, Facebook verified to TechCrunch it’s checking the function with a little group of “public figures” on Facebook for the time being. A public figure is a particular kind of Facebook Page classification targeted at prominent people or anybody else who wishes to develop a more public existence on Facebook.

Image Credits: Matt Navarra Facebook described these threaded posts will have a”View Post Thread “button, which lets fans quickly browse to see all of the posts in the thread. When you tap on the button, you’ll be revealed where you can see all the threaded posts linked together in one location. Facebook was not able to validate if or when the test would present more broadly to other public figures on its platform or if it would later on broaden to other Page classifications, like Businesses, or to Facebook Groups.

Threads work on websites like Twitter, where the character limitation makes it more difficult to have more nuanced discussions– that’s why we wind up with those oh-so-beloved “notes app apology” posts on Twitter. (Now, Twitter promotes its Revue newsletter app when you compose a thread). On Facebook, your posts can be up to exactly 63,206 characters long (or, about 225 tweets).

Instead of motivating longer posts, Facebook threads might be utilized for live commentary on an occasion like an award program. Or, users might publish updates to their existing posts in a thread, instead of upgrading the initial and making a cumbersome “modified to include …” statement. Considered that Facebook is evaluating this function with public figures, possibly its desired usage is to make the sharing of news more structured.

It’s clear that Facebook has actually handled some false information problems in the past, so for reporters or federal government authorities sharing details about establishing news occasions, threads might supply helpful context.

This screening follows Facebook revealed its Bulletin newsletter spin-off previously today.



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