July 2

Learn to code for less than you’ll spend on lunch


Coding is a versatile skill. You can build websites or design video games. You could deploy algorithms that drive science or help seniors get their groceries delivered. And there are plenty of apps and sites to learn how to code. If you’re unsure which option to pursue, why not build your own bundle of courses? For a limited time, you can pay as little as $0 for coding courses. Yes, you can learn to code for free!

Build a Bundle: The 2021 Ultimate Learn to Code Training comes in a variety of options. You can choose three courses for $0. If that’s not enough, five courses will cost you $3. Ten courses will cost you only $8. For 15 courses, you’d pay $10. And if you want to splurge, you’d spend $15 on 25 courses. Why not go big?

The training bundle features courses that cover a variety of topics. Everything you need to dive into the world of coding is waiting for you within one of these bundles. However, each course bundle comes with its unique courses. You don’t get to pick and choose the specific courses you want to create a customized bundle. That being said, each bundle is made intentionally. The courses are packaged together for a reason.

For instance, the free option with three courses features an hour on CSS, HTML, and Javascript, which are the foundational blocks for most fields. On the other end of the spectrum, the 25-course option features that and a whole lot more, including courses on Python. It even teaches you to build your own mobile game. Given how much more this option features, it’s a worthy investment if you’re considering any of these bundles. Each one is a $99 value, so either way, you’re reaping some serious savings.

These courses are lead by Mammoth Interactive, which has earned 4.2/5 star instructor rating. So why not save some dollars and invest in your future? Choose a tier and dive into the Build a Bundle: The 2021 Ultimate Learn to Code Training today. 

Prices subject to change.



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