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6 Important Advantages of Tech Support for Small Nonprofits


6 Important Advantages of Tech Support for Small Nonprofits

When you’re a small nonprofit, you’re looking to keep expenses as low as possible so you can keep the large percentage of your profits going to those you help.

But to run efficiently, some office expenses are necessary, such as computers, printers, your website, etc. 

It can be tempting to try to handle a small computer repair or software issue on your own, but what can end up happening is things getting worse and costing you more.

Unmanaged computers have more breakdowns causing costly downtime that hampers your mission. If you let technology go until the point of a crash, it also ends up being more expensive in the long run.

For example, according to a study cited by Konica Minolta, the average cost of an unmanaged PC is $5,000 per year

So, you could actually end up paying more over time due to breakdowns, emergency repairs, and loss of productivity than you would be paying for monthly managed IT support

Here are some of the advantages of professional tech support for small nonprofits 

Helps Reduce the Risk of a Cyberattack or Data Breach

Nonprofit organizations are just as susceptible to a data breach or ransomware attack as large companies. Just one breach can cause donors to lose faith in a charity and become afraid of sharing their credit cards or other personal details.

A malware attack can shut a nonprofit down for days and cause thousands of dollars in unexpected IT costs just to get operations back up and running.

One recent data breach that impacted several nonprofits in Northeast Ohio happened because their software vendor Blackbaud was breached. A breach of that company’s systems caused information in databases to become exposed, such as names, email addresses, transaction amounts, and phone numbers. This impacted nonprofits such as the Holden Forests and Gardens and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Working with an IT professional for regular support and IT security can help you avoid becoming the victim of an attack or breach.

Lower Cloud Costs

Cloud spending is up approximately 50%, but waste is as well. SaaS waste has doubled year-over-year, meaning that many organizations are paying more than they should for cloud services because their cloud environment isn’t optimized.

Working with an IT provider like PC Handyman can help you lower your fixed overhead by reducing your monthly cloud subscription costs. We can take a look at the cloud tools you’re using and offer guidance for improving integrations, dropping redundant tools, and improving overall cloud efficiency.

Reduce Frustrating Downtime

When a computer goes down that holds all your membership or donor files, it can put your team at a standstill. If you don’t have a relationship with an IT provider, you can end up spending hours just trying to find help or get a callback.

We offer expert computer repairs that are fast and efficient. Depending on the issue, we offer three flexible options for repair support:

  • We come to you
  • You come to us
  • Remote computer repair

Improve Equipment Longevity

If you never took your car in for an oil change, it would break down much sooner than it should. You would also be facing a more expensive repair than the cost of those oil changes.

If computers and servers aren’t serviced regularly, the same thing can happen. You can reduce the longevity of the equipment, reducing your return on investment. You may also be facing more expensive repair costs because a device was not well taken care of.

Well Run Organizations Instill Confidence in Their Donors

If someone is considering a large gift to a nonprofit and they run into problems from non-functioning technology, they may think twice before giving their donation. If you have to apologize for not being able to immediately send a packet of information or they can’t reach you due to a computer issue, they may think your organization isn’t very well-run and go looking elsewhere.

Having a tech support partner can ensure your vital communications stay up and running and that your organization operates smoothly. This instills confidence in your donors and members that they’re giving to a good cause that is also efficient in its operations.

You Can Focus on Your Mission Instead of Your IT

One computer issue can bring an office to a standstill. Everyone is then focused on fixing the tech problem instead of doing what they do best, helping others. 

Working with an IT support provider allows you to hand the “tech stuff” over to us and you can stay focused on your organization’s mission.

Learn How Tech Support for Nonprofits Can Reduce Your Costs

Nonprofits can lower overhead costs by working with PC Handyman for computer repairs, cloud optimization, cybersecurity, and more.


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