Best Laptops for Seniors 2022

Over the years, people have asked me for a recommendation for a laptop for either themselves or aging in place family members. While most of the time, when asked which brand is better, I have to honestly say, Computers are not like cars.

Under the hood of any Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, or Samsung PC, there are the same parts made by different manufacturers. The processors are made by either Intel or AMD (American Micro Devices.)The only true Dell part of your computer, for example, is the plastic that encases everything else. So the question becomes:

How to decide on a computer

Once you realize that the hype of a brand is only as good as its customer service, more attention to the parts that make the computer work must be paid. I’ll briefly explain what the common jargon on the machine s mean so that you can make a more informed decision. Let’s take a look at this computer:

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When you look at the technical specifications from Amazon. you will see many features. The ones that make the most sense for an average computer user are:

  • Simple User Interface

The choices you get when purchasing a computer are limited. Silicon Valley has given us, Windows 10, Mac OS Catalina, and Chrome OS. In this sphere the term WYSIWYG

  • Enhanced Functionality

Consider buying laptops with improved functionalities such as touch interface. This will offer them flexibility, especially when they don’t like using the keyboard. Keep in mind that old age comes with fickle mindedness and shorter attention spans.

  • Exceptional Display

Vision is a restricting factor that often comes with old age. As such, it is advisable to buy a laptop with the best screen display. It should have enough brightness and higher resolution for sharper viewing angles.

  • Responsive and Fast Processor

Seniors don’t like slow technology, especially if they are not conversant with all its processes. For this reason, it is advisable that you buy a laptop with fast speeds. This means going for laptops with powerful processors.

  • Ergonomic Keyboard

Most seniors prefer having a decent key travel keyboard for their laptops. They aren’t able to quickly adjust to the fast advancing millennial keyboards. Therefore, find a laptop with an easy-to-use keyboard.

  • Great Battery Life

Most seniors are forgetful and can rarely remember to follow the charging time for their laptops. So, it is advisable to buy a laptop with an excellent battery life to ensure it runs for longer. This way, your senior can use the laptop until you come to charge it or they remember to charge it.

  • Excellent performance

Not all seniors understand terms like GPU, CPU, ROM, RAM, SSD, and HDD that are related to the performance of the laptops and technology devices in general. So, buy good performing laptop that comes with 8GB RAM and a supporting SSD for faster data reading or a dedicated GPU that delivers top-notch graphics.

5 Best Laptops 2020 for Seniors

1. HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop – 17t-cd100

If you are a game enthusiast and you want a laptop that can deliver the best gaming experience, the HP Pavilion 17t-cd100 Gaming Laptop is the real deal. You will play all your favourite games with the laptop and still enjoy its smooth running.

The laptop comes with a 17.3″ Full HD 60Hz refresh rate with 1080p IPS display. With this display, you will always get clear images. It features 10th Gen Intel Core i5-10300H Quad-Core Processor and 8GB RAM that delivers fast gaming, superb photo editing capabilities, and surfing the web.

The NVIDIA GeForce graphics makes working on graphic super cool. With its backlit keyboard, you can even kill the lights in your room and game all-night-long without paying extra on your electricity bill.

Its enhanced thermal cooling ensures overall performance and stability, especially if you’re gaming. Moreover, the wide rear corner vents will boost airflow and optimize your gaming performance.

The HP Gaming Laptop features front-firing speakers that come with B&O audio to produce a custom-tuned sound. With HP Pavilion 17t-cd100, you can take your gaming to the next level.


  • Superfast modern i5 processor
  • Backlit keyboard for use even in poorly lit areas
  • Large 17.3″ display with Full HD 1080p resolution


  • A bit heavy
  • Small storage space

2. HP OMEN Laptop – 17-cb 1097nr

If you are into computer gaming, then know that HP has you covered with OMEN 17-cb 1097nr laptop. The powerful gaming machine comes with a wide 17.3-inch screen with 1080p for a more vivid and brighter display that most senior gamers appreciate.

It comes with a 144Hz refresh rate, which provides smooth play of fast-paced games without a hassle. What’s more, the Hexa-Core 10th Gen Core i7 processor delivers superior performance in gaming. The advanced NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 dedicated graphics also enhance the performance.

It comes with a sleek design that features a chrome-silver badge. It looks great with its solid-black body build. The brushed-metal triangle pattern gives the laptop a new look that is more appealing when compared to its previous models.

This HP gaming laptop features several ports that make it one of the most versatile laptops you can have. Although the dual speakers aren’t the best, they are good enough to produce excellent and crisp sound for your favourite music records.


  • Excellent 1080p high resolution display
  • Versatile RGB keyboard
  • High performance with 10th Gen Core i7
  • Advanced thermal cooling for a better gaming experience


  • Battery last for only a few hours
  • Plastic body construction

3. HP Laptop – 17z-ca200

If you are a senior and want a laptop that is simple and easy to set up, the HP 17z-ca200 is the ideal laptop for you. It comes with a 17.3-inch screen that is perfect for your reading and gaming experiences.

It features a durable performance courtesy of its 8GB RAM and AMD Athlon Gold processor. With the features, you will have a superfast speed in browsing, gaming, or any other engagements with this laptop. You won’t have any frustrating moment with it.

The laptop features a sleek and trendy design that is not only flexible to take anywhere but also appealing to the eyes. It has a well-brushed keyboard that is backlit for comfortable use even in darkness. With the color-matched hinge, the fashionably designed HP laptop is as good as its performance.

To ensure they are entertained and always connected, the laptop comes with a durable HP fast charge battery. It can hold power for longer while you game or surf through the internet for longer.


  • High-quality performance with AMD Processor
  • Large 17.3-inch screen with Full HD IPS anti-glare display
  • Several connectivity alternatives
  • Huge storage of 2TB


  • Not great for serious multitasking
  • Has HD audio
  • Doesn’t have type-c port

4. ASUS VivoBook S15 S532

The ASUS VivoBook S15 S532 is a high-quality laptop that is still unknown to many people and in the markets. The laptop comes with 12GB RAM, 512SSD and 8th Gen Core i7 to deliver the fastest running of the system. Regardless of the programs you run, you won’t ever experience a lagging problem. It will run as smooth as you will want it.

If you intend to use this laptop for gaming and other heavy-duty services, therefore, you have nothing to worry about. It doesn’t have heating issues that most thin laptops have when running heavier games. This one is a heavy laptop that feels premium, thin and metallic with the big enough keyboard that most laptops don’t have.

The 15.6-inch screen comes with 1920 x 1080p high-resolution display to ensure that you get the best images. The screen is black-mated to keep it private at public spaces and clean since it doesn’t accumulate dirt as fast as the other screen types.

The device’s four-cell battery ensures you have the best and long service whenever you leave home or forget the plug charger. It gives 5 hours when fully charged, which is commendable!

When it comes to connecting to Wi-Fi and surfing the internet, the Intel Wi-Fi 6 with Gig 802.11b/n/ac delivers an excellent networking speed for not only responsive online gaming but also uninterrupted video chats and faster transfer of huge files. It doesn’t matter which Wi-Fi you’re using, it delivers a fast speed connection to the world.


  • Game performance is superfast
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Productive multitasking with the latest Intel Core i7 processor
  • Full-size keyboard for comfortable typing experience


  • Screenpad 2.0 software needs an update
  • Doesn’t have an optical drive
  • Features 2.0 USB ports instead of 3.0 like its competitors

5. Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop – AN517-51-784H

The Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop offers an alternative for seniors looking for an excellent gaming laptop but on a budget. It is a good performer in gaming, yet it comes at an affordable price.

With the 9th Gen Intel Core i7, the laptop can deliver excellent performance in heavy gaming environments as well as making it ideal for heavy multitasking. Moreover, the 16GB RAM and 6GB NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphics card ensures that you have a smooth working experience.

The laptop’s 17.3-inch screen panel is designed to offer a 1080p full HD resolution with IPS display. As such, you will have sharp visuals for any angle. With its lower price, it comes with a standard keyboard layout that is similar to that of 15-inch models. The keys, however, are slightly bigger and space out. It has a slightly smaller NumPad at the side along with full-size arrow keys.

It comes with two fans enhanced with three heat pipes over the CPU and GPU to improve cooling, especially during heavy use. Even though the two high cfm fans keep running when the machine is in use, they are silent that you can barely notice their operation even in a quiet room.


  • Superfast Intel Core i7 for higher performance
  • High DDR4 memory
  • Large 17.3-inch display with 1080p Full HD resolution
  • Fast internet connection options
  • Excellent battery life that is reliable
  • Affordable


  • The keyboard is tight hence hard to type the keys, and some might not work
  • A bit heavy


With the best laptop, seniors can connect with their loved and friends in a highly changing tech world. They can also enjoy socializing in social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, laptops will help them pass away time with ease thanks to the wide range of online entertainment that they can access.

To enable a senior in your home to stay engaged, it is advisable that you buy a high performing laptop. Moreover, it should have an easy to use keyboard and interface, a long lasting battery life, and a high-speed processor. To get all that in one device, pick one of the laptops that we reviewed above.

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