PC Handyman offers a complete tuneup for 50% off

Get a complete tuneup for your Windows computer, Upgrades, virus scans, and updates for $62.50

Is your computer running slow? Need to upgrade to Windows 10? We can help you. Purchase a complete tuneup. We will:

  • Missing or corrupted system files
  • Repair and Update Windows Recovery and Update Images
  • Full Malware and Potentially Unwanted Program Scans
  • Updates all third party applications and Windows
  • Defragmentation and privacy cleanups
  • If you need it, 1 year of antivirus protection (BitDefender or WebRoot.)

The normal rate we charge for this service is 1 hour @ $125. Now you can purchase this service (either drop off at our location or Remotely) for 50% off $62.50

Windows 10 upgrades, if they are still available, we can help at no additional cost

For some time, Microsoft was allowing upgrades to Windows 10 for free. This was supposed to end July 29, 2016. Oddly, we have still been able to get the upgrade for our clients. There is no guarantee, but, if Microsoft allows it, we can help you move from Windows 7. Alternatively, you could purchase Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro from Amazon here.

PC Handyman offers our tuneup in 3 Ways:

Bring it to us

Drop off your Windows computer at our location:
12702 Larchmere Boulevard Cleveland, Ohio 44120

If you bring it in before 11 am we should be able to get it back to you by the end of the same business day. Otherwise, turnaround is next day.

We can pick it up

If you don't  have the transportation, or your computer is heavy, we can pick up your machine within 10 miles of our location. We can also drop it off afterward. Turnaround time: Next day (disconnecting and reconnecting your machine has an additional $25 charge due when the machine is returned after repair.)

We can help remotely

If you don't want to be without the machine and would like to see us working on your it,  the remote method might be the option for you. With the aid of remote support technology, we can work on your machine as though we were in front of it. 

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