Managed Services

PC Handyman at your Disposal

Remote Tech Support

At PC HandymanSimply submit your ticket at here and I will reach out to you within an hour to either resolve the problem, or schedule a session. Remote assistance allows an authorized ondividual to access your computer. Utilizing technology provided by Teamviewer, Splashtop SOS we can connect to your machine and provide direct IT support from virus removal, to answering questions. All remote services are covered in the Managed Service Plan.

Laptops and Desktops

PC Handyman can connect to your machine (when you request it) and solve most of the problems that occur. As a matter of fact, nearly 90% of computer issues can be resolved remotely. We are able to support your Windows, Mac, and Linux machines remotely with the help of Teamviewer Quick Support. The exception is the Chromebook because let’s be honest, it is barely a computer. Yeah, you have a screen and a keyboard… Don’t get me started.

Tablets and Smartphones

Unlike laptops and desktops, PC Handyman can’t access smartphones, tablets, and yes Chromebooks the same way. We use a program called Splashtop SOS. If you have an iPhone or iPad you would download the program from the App Store. If you have an Android device, like the Samsung Galaxy tablet or a Chromebook, you would get the app needed at the Play Store. Once installed, follow the directions (we’ll walk you through it) and then we can see what you see, but, we can’t control anything. You would have to do the driving but rest assured, we would act as your computer coach; ever over your shoulder giving sage wisdom and instruction.

A Managed Service Account with PC Handyman gets you:

  • Remote Computer Maintenance
  • Remote Computer Support
  • In-Shop Lessons and Repairs
  • Premium Antivirus (Webroot SecureAnywhere)
  • On-Site Repair at 50% the normal cost – While we aren’t doing house calls per se during the COVID-19 Pandemic, if we are not able to help you remotely and you can’t bring your device in, we can make certain allowances for on-site assistance.

To find out how we can help you with managed support for your home or small business click here and we will get back to you with answers to your questions.

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