Onsite Support

Onsite Computer Repair Services

It is really frustrating when your computer will not function the way it ought to when needed the most. Perhaps it’s making weird noises, running lazily or not coming up at all. PC Handyman is readily available to provide onsite desktop and laptop computer repair services to ease your computer repairdowntime. We understand the need for your computer to be in excellent shape so they can meet your unique, daily needs. That’s why we have been tried, tested and trusted to deliver quality repairs and troubleshooting services.

Virus Removal

Are you experiencing strange popups or messages on your PC? You may have been attacked by malware, adware or viruses. Whatever the case, malicious software can be catastrophic to computer devices. They are capable of slowing down your operating system. Worst case scenarios, they can compromise your personal details or even cause serious damage to computer parts.

The virus removal process can be a tricky game, especially when they have penetrated deep into your computer. With the aid of efficient virus detection software, PC Handyman can remove even the most advanced forms of adware, malware and spyware infections and safeguard your device from future attacks.

Cloud Storage and Data Recovery Service

Have you ever imagined how devastating it is to lose personal or critical business files? Yes, all those precious family photos and vital documents could be lost in a jiffy. If you don’t have a plan to backup and restore your data, what would you do?

PC Handyman offers cost-effective data recovery solutions for home and small business needs. Our certified A technicians know how best to secure your data via external backup or offsite cloud storage options. We offer advanced backup options for small businesses.  We’ll let you know the data backup and recovery plan that is right for you.

Managed Services

Do you run a small business that requires a managed IT support service? Perhaps, there is a need for a customized IT solution for multiple digital devices in your household. Managed services from PC Handyman is designed to seamlessly manage your IT infrastructure while providing a cost-effective solution with zero minute downtime.

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive one bill for all of your IT related services? Our technicians have huge expertise and can help you consolidate the following services;

  •       Data backup & recovery
  •       Cloud storage solutions
  •       Helpdesk or remote support
  •       Network monitoring
  •       Systems management
  •       Security and device maintenance
  •      Computer repair

Are you ready for a better IT support? It’s as easy as scheduling an appointment online. Contact (216) 236 8743 to request a quote today. Or click here to sign up for one of our monitoring packages.



How PC Handyman Works

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment on our website, PC Handyman would come down to your designated address. The repair process starts with an obligation free diagnosis. This enables us to determine the likely cause(s) of the problem, map out the next cause of action and suggest options for you.

What’s more? We also specialize in repairing other high-tech gadgets including, but not limited to MAC, notebooks, iPads, and smartphones. Book an appointment with us today. It’s that easy.




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