Tuneup Confirmation


Next Steps:

On the scheduled date and time, if you are dropping off your computer for maintenance:

  • We are located at: 12702 Larchmere Boulevard Cleveland, Ohio 44120 2nd Floor

If we are picking up your computer, we will arrive promptly to pick up your machine.

If we are conducting a remote tuneup, you will need to click this link to download Splashtop SOS. This is the tool we use to remotely connect and fix your computer.


When you click the link, Splashtop SOS should automatically download to your computer. Just open it and give us the 9 digit code it provides on the day of your scheduled appointment.

If the program doesn’t automatically download, on the Splashtop SOS page, follow the instructions to install on your operating system of choice.

Thank you for your business,

Charley Bach, President

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