The Home Improvement Scam


When the weather gets better, it is time to consider getting some things done around the house. It is the perfect time to get the front porch fixed, add a hot tub, or just get scammed by some jerk on the phone or internet. In 2017, over 350 home improvement scams were reported to BBB Scam Tracker across the U.S. Those scams resulted in more than $600,000 in defrauded funds. Some scammers go door-to-door, offering to do improvement projects. They may take a deposit, and then never complete the work This has happened to my parents home improvement scamsmultiple times. If you’re not sure the salesman is legit, you can ask for a card and get back to them once you have been able to research the company. The best way to do that is by going to bbb.org and looking up the company. If you see a ton of negative reviews, you should not do business with them. If you can’t find anything at all, you should be very cautious. These scams can also happen after major national disasters — hail storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, and fires, among other things.


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