A Visual History of Hard Drives

From our smartphone to our computers, having enough storage for our cat pictures and meals is something we take for granted. Did you know that data in the amounts we’ve been accustomed is a luxury we have enjoyed for a small amount of time since 1956. Below is a pictorial representation of how hard drives have changed in not only size but price since the beginning. Hard drives contain precious as well as rare earth metals. Not enough to make a profit (unless you are a professional scrapper.) The process is also hazardous. To get the gold plating on the hard drive manufacturers to use a method called the cyanide gold plating process. Just the sound of cyanide does not encourage good feelings. Metals repurposing stations use a chemical process to remove the gold pretty much making the whole thing quite toxic. Just thinking, my father and I tried to make clocks out of old hard drives. That was probably a terrible idea considering we didn’t wear gloves or anything. Now I’m worrying.

Anyways, have a look:


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