The Top Four Freelancers That Can Benefit Your Business

If your small business is an operation of one, you’re probably stretching yourself too thin. Good news for today’s solopreneurs: You don’t have to go it alone any longer. The internet makes it super easy to get your hands on the best help available. Don’t know what that is? Keep reading for the top four freelancers who can help you keep things on the up and up (and who you don’t have to pay for 40 hours each week).

Virtual Assistant

If you regularly find yourself handling administrative tasks that take up too much of your time, a virtual assistant can be the perfect person to help you spend more time on projects where you’re most needed. A virtual assistant is a professional with experience handling mailings, data entry, appointment scheduling, inbox management, online research and more. And by connecting with a freelancer for these tasks, you have the added benefit of not having to put someone on payroll. Though if you end up relying on

Web Developer

Your online presence is your digital calling card. It says a lot about your business, and an outdated website can drive away potential customers. Because web development is such a specialized field, finding someone with the right qualifications to handle this aspect of your business can pay off in the long run. Freelance job sites provide nearly instantaneous access to experienced freelancers who can help your website stand out. For example, you can easily connect with a PHP, WordPress or JavaScript developer who can tackle your short-term needs. Many of these people also have some experience in graphic design. Your webmaster can work closely with your dedicated developer to ensure seamless branding across your printed and web-based marketing materials.

IT Help Desk

Your web developer can help you keep your website up and running, but there are many other technical aspects they might not have experience. If you want the benefits of an IT staff without the cost, outsource your technology needs. The right support desk can help you evaluate everything from your network to choosing hardware that will help you run your small business. Plus, if you find the right company, they can support your customers if they have issues with your website or payment processing service. Perhaps the biggest perk here is that you only pay for the services you need. You are not committed to paying someone a potential six-figure salary if you don’t have the workload to justify that expense.

Sometimes you’ll need on-site support, such as when your laptop needs repairs. In this case, you should contact experienced computer repair technicians in the area. PC Handyman can provide premier computer repair, virus removal, and support services.

SEO Marketer

Search engine optimization is the process by which your business ranks organically on Google and other search engines. It is a very complex process, and simply having good content isn’t enough. According to Search Engine Journal, you have to consider everything from keywords to how users interact with your website. An SEO expert can handle all these aspects while saving you money on necessary SEO tools. You will also want to ensure that your web developer creates a mobile version of your site since the majority of online searchers utilize phones or tablets instead of desktop PCs. There’s also voice search, localization, snippets, metatags, and a long list of other components that play small but vital roles in your business’s online visibility.

You can certainly run your business by yourself. But today, there is so much help available and at a reasonable cost. There is no reason to face your competitors without arming your business with some top-notch freelancers.


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